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We thank our precious Lord Jesus, for all these miracles ONLY HE has done. Our desire is that by sharing these testimonies, is that we give ALL the glory, honor and praise to our Heavenly Father, and secondly encourage you to believe God for your miracle. Please feel free to send us your prayer requests so we can pray for you for your miracle.

In His grace, 

Skin Rash & Itching Healed

"It was after my company’s sports meet in September that I noticed that I was breaking out with a rash on my hands and legs. After some time it spread to other parts of my body. I visited several skin specialists who said it was due to exposure to the sun, and put me on medication and the use of a sunscreen which did not help, but I got worse.

I then resorted to home remedies for a period of two months. This helped to ease the itching but the scars were deep set and turned blackish. It was at this time that I visited Pastor Errol who laid hands on me and prayed, binding the spirit of witchcraft in Jesus name. I praise and thank God that after this the rash disappeared and the itching stopped. Now the scars have completely disappeared."

K De S, Nugegoda, SRI LANKA



Leg Pain Instantly Healed

"I want to thank and praise our Lord Jesus our healer and saviour for healing me of a pain in my left leg, which lasted for over one and a half years. I have consulted the very best of Doctors and had taken several tests which did not show anything, but the pain was still there.

My friend Shirley invited me to a prayer meeting in her home. After the worship service, Pastor Errol and his wife prayed for me and the pain left me immediately. I praise and thank God that He has healed me. There is nothing impossible with God."

Mrs. B. N, Colombo, SRI LANKA



Protein in Urine Healed

"I want to thank God for His healing power through Pastor Errol. My husband’s Job contract in the Middle East, depended on medical report which showed protein in his urine. The doctors wanted another test taken to confirm it was a kidney problem.

I asked Pastor Errol to pray for my husband although he is a Buddhist. After prayer, he took the second test, and it showed no trace of protein in his urine."

Mrs. S.de A, Dehiwala, SRI LANKA



Pain in Right Hand Healed

"I had a pain in my right hand for the last three years. I tried many Doctors, every kind of medicine, even witch doctors and charms. But I did not get any better.

A friend of mine gave me your Church address and came for the Sunday service, although I was a Buddhist. I was instantly healed during the service. I was also set free from depression.

Thank you, Jesus for doing so much for me. I want to serve you for the rest of my life."

A.K.M. Mahabage, SRI LANKA



Nervous Breakdown Healed

"I suffered a nervous breakdown, and I was on strong medication at his time. Again I visited Pastor Errol, and he laid hands on me and prayed for me in the name of Jesus. I must praise and thank God that I am completely healed and now attend to all my duties."

K. De S, Nugegoda, SRI LANKA



Barium X-Ray Results Negative

"The Doctor had asked my mother to go for a Barium X-ray, I was very worried and called Pastor Errol and prayed with me over the phone. She then went for the test, and the test proved negative. Thank you, Jesus for healing my mother."

Miss I. G. Bahrain



Womb Problem Healed During Worship

"I was having a womb problem and I had an irregular period. During the worship time Pastor said that the Lord was healing a womb with an irregular period. Immediately something happened to my body and now I am totally healed."

Ms Merna Soundaraj – Mt Lavinia, SRI LANKA



Pain after a Cesarian Operation Healed

"We were blessed with a baby girl, but after the operation I experienced excruciating pain. Weeks passed by without an atom of relief. I was miserable and utterly heartbroken. It was then that Sanjay and I decided to appeal for help from above. We visited our Pastor a great servant of God for prayer. The moment Pastor laid hands and prayed over me I experienced a mighty healing power of God flowing like electricity through me. The healing was instant ad miraculous. We live to praise and glorify His name."

Germaine & Sanjay – Katunayake, SRI LANKA



Child Dying of Dengue Fever Healed

"My son was diagnosed of having Dengue fever (dangerous fever with vomiting caused by mosquitoes which drops the blood count). We tried everything religiously and medically possible. My son started to vomit blood. The doctors said, they can’t do anything more to save his life. It was then that a friend of my husband’s told us about Pastor Errol. We were Buddhists but were so desperate, we came to his home late one night and he willingly prayed for the recovery of our son.

Within the next three days my son totally recovered to the surprise of the doctors, and was sent home too. My husband and I now believe in Jesus."

Mrs Champika Muttukudaarachchi – Mt Lavinia, SRI LANKA



Pregnant Mother's Womb Healed

"On the 1st of September 2001 early morning at about 3.30 a.m. my wife Shanthi, who was pregnant and who was 5 months pregnant at that time, found out that she was bleeding which was not a good sign at all, as it could be a threatened miscarriage.

We did not have anything to do other than to fall at the feet of the Lord and pray for a healing. Then first thing in the morning we were able to catch Pastor Errol Eardly over the phone and requested him to please pray. He immediately prayed for my wife and broke, in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST, all the hereditary curses that the devil was trying to place against.


After the prayers, Pr. Errol consoled us by saying that the Lord had already healed, so not to worry.

Immediately after the prayers my wife Shanthi, checked herself and found out that the bleeding had INSTANTANEOUSLY STOPPED. What a shocking joy it was!

We give all the glory, honor and praise to the Almighty God who healed my wife in the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I thank the Lord for having raised men of Him, like Pastor Errol Eardly, whom I associated with for the last three years. I have many a time being blessed through Pr. Errol who had guided me with a word from the Lord every time always after a prayer."

Mr. M MERLY Balangoda, SRI LANKA



The First Miracle in My Life

"I would like to share the first miracle in my life. The miracle of coming to know my Lord Jesus as my personal savior. I was born a Muslim and married a catholic at the age of twenty. I have two sons. Their ages are 19 and 8. My second son was born with clubbed feet (the first time in my life I saw something like this). The second day after his birth, I was told to channel a Orthopedic Surgeon. This doctor looked at my son and said that it was a severe case. All what the doctor had to say about my son brought me to a state of shock, I couldn’t even feed my baby. One day I was so depressed that I closed the room door and started to cry and asked the Lord why it happened to my son. I asked him whether he hears all what I say. Then a wonderful vision of Christ was shown to me twice.

My neighbor who is also a Child of God introduced me to Pastor Errol. Pastor Errol prayed and God prophesied through him that my baby will be an active child and would walk. From that day onwards I walked in faith believing that my baby was healed and I would see him walk soon. It was a case of me visiting the hospital so may times. He had to undergo four surgeries.

Then the time came for my son to start school. I wanted him to attend a normal school. God led me to many schools, but in spite of me explaining to them, some did not even want to see my son. I did not give up but clung to my God because I know he will never let me down. Then Jesus led me to a school which accepted my son and gave him all the love and support. I used to carry my son to school and he would ask me whether he was too heavy for me to carry. God gave me the strength to carry my son.

The day dawned for the miracle. My sister from U.K. had arrived for a holiday. I went along with my family to visit her. There was a gap between the two beds in the room. My nephew was jumping from one bed to the other and my son was watching helplessly not knowing what to do. At once I saw him walking across to the other side. Hallelujah! The miracle happened. My son started shouting “Mama I am walking!”

Now I cannot stop him walking. He is catching up for all what he lost. When I ask
him as to who made him walk, he says JESUS. I waited seven long years to see my son walk. As promised by my beloved Jesus, my son is an active child. My Jesus never fails.

All those who read this testimony, please do not give up because my beloved Jesus
will never forsake you. He is always faithful. Love U Jesus with all my heart. He has done many more miracles in my life and I thank him for all what he has done.

Love You all with the love of the Lord!"

Mrs. Tina Perera, Kotte, Sri Lanka


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