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This month we had Pastor Neville Fernando, one of Sri Lanka’s best worship leaders to lead the worship.

The presence of God was there from the first song. Pastor Neville said that it was not another worship service, but it should be truly a meeting of what God has for us. It was truly that, praise the name of the Lord.

Many said the songs were what they wished to sing and the presence of God increased with each song.

I shared God’ word and it was really what they needed, many said. Many were loosed from bondages as God wanted me to declare it.

As I sensed the Holy Spirit leading, I requested Pastor Neville & his wife Sister Roshni if they would minister to the people, and they gladly said yes. God really moved and they prayed for some and gave words of wisdom and instruction for some. It was truly accurate many later said and were truly blessed. Many received healing and miracles. Sister Jean said that she needed a big financial miracle for her business, and received it in a few days after the meeting.

One Buddhist mother, Kamani gave her heart to our precious Lord. She said that not only peace came into her heart but between her and her husband. She told her Buddhist husband that she doesn’t like to go hereafter to the temple but wants to go to Church, and he said after you went to Church we are happy so you can keep going to Church. She comes faithfully every Sunday to Church.

Sister Anula, had a financial need when she came for the miracle service and God met the need a few days later. Many thank the Lord that they are learning more of God’s word and can apply it to their daily lives. Pastor Neville & Sister Roshni said that the meeting was a glorious one and I agree it truly was.

To God be all the glory, honour and praise for all He is doing, through you and I beloved partner.

With our love for you and the lost!

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