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The King’s Revival Church, Mount Lavinia was full to capacity in anticipation for their miracles on Sunday evening of 6th August, for the Miracle Crusade. Pastor Jerome Fernando, the Pastor of the Church led the worship and what a service it was.

The presence of God was present from the time of worship. I could not hold back the tears when I walked up to the pulpit and saw the majority were young people and so desperate for God. The Lord gave a prophetic word for the Church and also for the Pastor and also encouraged him, as I stepped on the pulpit, even before preaching the word.

Miracles flowed after the preaching of the word. A little over 35 raised their hands to receive Jesus Christ as their saviour and Lord, out of which the majority were young people. Words cannot express our gratitude to our glorious Lord and master. This is truly harvest time, and the lost are being found and coming to God. The mighty Holy Spirit once again called out various sicknesses and healed them. Some of them were migraine headaches, diabetes, skin problems, urine infections, a spine pain, a heart problem and blood pressure and deliverance from bad habits.

The Holy Spirit whispered to me that the Lord will heal many as I laid hands on them. I asked those who needed further healing to come up, and we had more than 10 came up and were healed instantly. Two partially deaf Christians were healed. One with a low red blood count, said she felt a warmth over her body and felt very much better. I asked her to take a medical test and testify next week. The assistant Pastor Shehan, a Muslim convert, testified of being healed of a spine pain as it was called out. A laboratory technician, who had got blind due to a Doctor making a mistake in an injection he was given, was healed. He was shaking and crying as the healing power of God touched him. As we kept praying for the poison to leave him, he was gradually able to see better and he testified that he could see my face clearly and said he was 95% healed, praise to our glorious Lord. A migraine headache was instantly healed, and she testified of being totally well. The Pastors and some of the believers said that the message confirmed and gave them direction, strength and were truly blessed. I spoke on how to fulfill your call, and that everyone can serve God, and don’t have to be a Preacher or worship leader. Highlighting different things that each can do, and to use their giftings to serve and glorify our precious Lord.


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