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A Buddhist, young woman walked out of her wheel chair for the first time. She testified that during prayer, she felt strength come into her feet. Her left foot was twisted, but that didn’t prevent her from walking up to the pulpit and giving Jesus the glory. A deaf young Buddhist boy was healed and could hear words from nearly 15 feet behind him and repeat them correctly. Three young Moms, were delivered from demons screaming out and leaving them. Many were healed from headaches, womb problems, spine problems and skin rashes. Six people gave their hearts to the Lord and prayed the sinner’s prayer. Our precious Lord gave words of prophecy and wisdom to the businessmen and women. The youth from 13 to 30 were also given a special word and many promises including finances, salvation of loved ones and the right marriage partners. A special prayer was prayed for families and marriages for God’s protection and blessing and also for the children. About 50 people attended the service.

Our wonderful Lord also showed me a vision of an auditorium for the Church building and also the exact place. The Lord revealed that it was time to start on the building project and we also prayed and blessed the first stone to be laid down. Sister Venetia, Pastor Asoka’s wife said that she didn’t tell anybody only her husband about her desire of the location and the building project and they had asked God for a confirmation. We truly rejoiced, because this was the confirmation from the Lord that they needed. The Pastor is my wife, Shyama’s brother and also was one of my disciples and Assistant for about ten years.

We also praise and thank our glorious Lord for His protection on Pastor Asoka and his wife just two weeks before the meeting. An attempt to kill them was defeated, when a poisonous crocodile (Kabaragoya) was cut in many places, and put into their well which is used for their daily use. They drank, bathed and cooked with the water for three days when a bad smell came through the taps only they just checked the well and found the decomposed crocodile. This species is said to be very poisonous, and the oil that comes out if cut is fatal when consumed and can bring death in a day. If hit by the tail, the leg is said to rot and no medication can cure, also the dung if trampled. To God be all the glory, praise and honour for all He has done and for His hand of protection upon His servants. Thanks once again for your love and support. We are truly going for the harvest. Let us continue to do all we can, for God will give us back a hundredfold in this life and in heaven, according to Matthew 19:29. May our precious Lord bless you for all your love and sacrifice for the lost!

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